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Change Instagram Password

If you talk about the best social media platform in the world, then after Facebook, Instagram is a social media platform whose name definitely comes on every person’s mouth. People of all ages nowadays spend their time using Instagram, because Instagram provides its users with amazing features and security, with the help of which users enjoy their Instagram account very much. Using Instagram, users can share photos and videos in their Instagram account, not only that, they can also add a story to their Instagram profile. Instagram was launched on 6 October 2010 and upon seeing this, Instagram has become quite popular in the internet as a great social media platform. According to a survey, in 2020, Instagram has 26.9 million active users who use their Instagram account every day. Instagram provides its users with amazing features such as using Instagram, users can create their own or their brand name page and make their talk or their products accessible to the people, not only this, users can also create advertisements on Instagram and can reach the visitors.

But there is some problem with such a great thing, it is the same with Instagram, Instagram users sometimes face some difficulties in changing the password of their account like many users do not know how to change instagram password, if you are also facing this problem and want to change password on instagram, then we will get rid of this problem with the help of a few steps. Just follow the steps given below and how to change password on Instagram, get full information about it.

Complete steps for how do I change my Instagram password

If you are an Instagram user and want to change the password of your Instagram account that does not worry, just follow the steps given below and find the right solution to this problem.

1. First sign your Instagram account with the help of username and password.

2. After signing in, click on the icon below on the right side.

3. Now click on the three lines given in the right side above, then click on the settings from the given options.

4. Now click on the option with privacy and security.

5. Now click on the password option given below.

6. Now enter the current password of your Instagram account and then enter the new password for your account in the space given below and then click on the save option above.

With the help of these steps, you can change the password of your Instagram account easily, that too without any problem, so if you want to change the password of your Instagram account but do not know how to do it, then follow the steps given above correctly and get solution for instagram change password.