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Collab App, the best app launched by Facebook

A great news for people who use Facebook, Facebook has started a new app called “Collab”. Using this app, users can create videos like TikTok app and can also create dual videos along with videos of other users. And in the collab app, users can get even more features than Tiktok, such as, users can easily sync up to three videos simultaneously in Collab App’s landscape mode, instead of two vertical videos from TikTok. But recently Collab app is only available for Invite-only beta version users of iOS. Although Facebook continues to provide amazing features to all its users, but often Facebook users also have some questions in their mind, with the help of the information given below, know about those questions.

Facebook Collab App

Some questions from Facebook users

1. How to create a page on Facebook

2. How to create a group on Facebook

3. How to send a friend request on Facebook

4. How to Change Password on Facebook

5. How to change your Facebook profile picture

These were some of the questions that often come in the minds of Facebook users, so if these questions also come to your mind, then help the blogs given on our website get the right answers to these questions. But in today’s blog, we will talk about “Collab App” with the help of the information given below to know about how this app works.

How does Collab work?

Collab app has very good apps, using it, users can create their own live videos, add songs to videos, as well as create dual videos with new people all these features can be used by users in Collab app. So download this app today and take advantage of its great features.

Facebook Launches Collab App
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