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Try the Latest “Pop-Up” Compose For Easier Mail Multitasking On AOL

Have you ever realized midway of composing an email about needing information from another email before you can send the current email? Might be an address or some important numbers?

This generally happens to all of us and to help in this situation, AOL have brought new feature “Pop-Up Compose.” It’s a unique way to compose and email which allows you to access your inbox and even open up other emails without having to close the current email are composing. Although this is something available on Gmail desktop, it’s quite new for AOL.

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And if feel to get more space while composing a certain email, you can simply click on expand button to get full-pane view mode. Check the below image:

For using the new “Pop-Up” compose feature you can select “Pop-Up” as your default compose mode on the “Compose” page from AOL Mail Settings. You can reach to AOL Mail Settings from the “Options” menu on the top right end of AOL Mail.

We hope you will enjoy the new AOL Mail feature and we appreciate your feedback. Please a comment below for your valuable feedback.

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Latest Pop-Up Compose in AOL

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