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How to resolve Roku Error Code 005

While using Roku device, users face many problems and errors such as Roku Error Code 018, Roku Error Code 016, Roku error code 009 and Roku connected but not working all these errors come due to internet connectivity. But if we talk about Roku Error Code 005, then this error comes due to the users being updated or downloading something due to which the users have to face a lot of problems. But in this blog today, we will give users the right solution of Roku Error Code 005, with the help of which users will be able to easily solve this problem and enjoy movies and shows in their Roku device.

Roku Error Code 005

Roku is a great device that was launched in May 20, 2008 in the United States and today Roku has become a great device used all over the world. By using Roku, people fill their free time with joy and happiness, by using Roku, people sit with their entire family and enjoy movies and shows. Users can enjoy 500000+ movies and shows using Roku, as well as users can use Netflix, Amazon, Sling TV, YouTube and Hulu via Roku. Roku has all the capabilities that make a device great. But Roku users often face some problems too, one of them is Roku Error Code 005, we will talk today about the solution. But before solving this problem, know about this problem, with the help of the information given below.

What is Roku Error Code 005?

Users face Roku Error Code 005 due to problems in network connection or downloading or updating any new software. This error code is an unexpected error, due to which the users have to face many problems. So if for some reason you are also facing this problem then do not worry because today we will tell you about the right solution for this problem, follow the steps given below properly and get rid of this problem in no time.

Steps to resolve Roku Error Code 005

To solve this problem, the users have to follow the steps given below, with the help of which the users will be able to solve this problem easily, then follow the given method step by step.

Step 1: To resolve this problem, first reset your Roku device.

Step 2: Now connect your Roku device not with Wi-Fi but with Ethernet cable to your internet.

Step 3: Now complete the activation procedure.

Step 4: Now wait till the software is updated.

Step 5: When the software update successfully completes, then remove the Ethernet cable from your Roku device and connect your Roku device to Wi-Fi.

Step 6: Now your Roku device is successfully activated.

Alternate steps to resolve Roku Error Code 005

Step 1: Turn off your Roku device and remove the power cables.

Step 2: Now turf off your router/modem too.

Step 3: Now wait for 10 minutes and then turn on your Roku device and router/modem.

Step 4: Wait until all the lights in the router/modem are blinking.

Step 5: Now connect your Roku device to Wi-Fi.

With the help of these steps, users can get the solution of Roku Error Code 005 and get rid of this problem happening in their Roku device forever. So if you are struggling with this problem, then follow the steps mentioned and get the right solution to this problem in some time.

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Conclusion: – Roku Error Code 005 is encountered by users downloading or updating any new software in their Roku device, follow the steps mentioned to solve this problem.

Roku Error Code 005
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