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How to get rid of Roku Error Code 006

Roku Error Code 006: There are some updates every day in Roku daily and these updates are to give users excellent features and amazing experience. But sometimes the updates in Roku device fail, the reason is Roku Error Code 006. Nowadays a lot of Roku users are facing this error code and due to this error, users are not able to enjoy the new features in their Roku device. So if you are also facing this problem then do not be discouraged because this problem is very normal which is very easy to solve. In this blog today, we will tell you some steps to solve this problem, with the help of which you will get the solution in just a short time and get rid of Roku Error Code 006 forever. But before solving this problem, get the information below about what is this problem and what causes this problem.

Roku Error Code 006

What is Roku Error Code 006?

If any kind of update fails in Roku device then the users have to face this error code. Roku has always been updating in his software to make his users experience great, but sometimes users have to face some problems due to the failure of their update and Roku Error Code 006 is one of them. So if you are facing this problem, then with the help of the steps given below, you can find the right solution to this problem.

Steps to resolve Roku Error Code 006

If you are facing this problem in your Roku device then do not think much about this problem because the solution to this problem is very simple, just follow the steps mentioned below and get rid of this problem in just a few times.

1. First of all press the Home button 5 times from your Roku remote.

2. Now press the Fast Forward button 3 times and then press the Rewind button 2 times.

3. Now select the Update Software option, now your updates will start.

4. Now press the Home button from your Roku remote, now scroll up the screen of your Roku TV and select the Settings option.

5. After selecting the Settings option, click on Advanced System Settings option, and then select Factory Reset option.

6. Now press the Factory Reset Everything option.

7. Now change the network connection of your Roku device for example if you have connected your Roku device via Wi-Fi, then change it and connect your Roku device with the help of Ethernet cable.

8. Now go to the Settings menu of your Roku device and then select the System option, now check your updates and if there is any update then install that update.

With the help of these steps, users will be able to easily find the solution of Roku Error Code 006 in their Roku device and can enjoy the new features of their Roku device.

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Conclusion: – Roku Error Code 006 is often faced by Roku users due to the failure of an update, so if you are also facing this problem in your Roku device then follow the steps mentioned and get the solution to this problem.

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Roku Error Code 006
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