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Complete Information for Send and download attachments in AOL Mail

AOL Email offers its users a lot of amazing features that help users do a lot of their work with pleasure and one such great feature is Send and download attachments in AOL Mail. And if we talk about another amazing feature, it is Keyboard shortcuts in AOL Mail, with the help of this feature, users can do many of their work on time, which also keeps them interested in their work. Well in today’s blog, we will talk about Send and download attachments in AOL mail, what is it, why do we use it, and some basic requirements of it. So if you also want to know about this feature and its usage, then read this blog completely.

Send and download attachments in AOL Mail

What is Send and download attachments in AOL Mail

AOL users can send photos, videos, or any document, etc. to their friends, employees or their family members in their email through their AOL Mall account, so that those people also get that attachment with the email. Similarly, some people send photos, videos or any important documents via email to AOL users, which users can download and check that attachment.

Why do we send an attachment to someone in email?

Sometimes we want to send photos, videos or any important documents with email, In that case, we use Attachment, with the help of attachment, we easily attach the file we want to send by attaching it with an email and then the user to whom we send the attachment can easily check the attachment by downloading it.

Some basic requirements for sending and downloading attachments in AOL emails

There are some basic requirements to send or download an attachment by AOL email, know about it with the help of the steps mentioned below.

1. Attachment requirements
  • File names can’t include any sort of special characters.
  • The total size of file is limited to 25MB per email, which includes both incoming and outgoing messages.
2. Send attachments in emails

1. First of all, click on Compose to start a new message.

2. After that, click on the Attachment icon .

3. Now, locate the file you want attached and click Open.

3. View and download attachments

1. First, open the email containing the attachment.

2. After that, click the attachment image or file name.

3. Further this, follow your web browser’s prompts to save, or open from its default saved location (it varies for each browser).

With the help of these information, users can know about the Send and download attachments in AOL mail and can use it properly. Click here to know more about this information and know more about it. And click here AOL mail change password for password related help in AOL email account.

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Conclusion: – Through these blogs, users can get the correct information about the send and download attachments in AOL mail, so if you want the attached related information in your AOL mail account, then read the information in the blog properly.

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Send and download attachments in AOL Mail

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