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As you all know that, AOL is considered one of the best email service providers in the world. All credit for its superior goes to AOL’s best features and security. AOL keeps on giving its users many of the best features from time to time, with the help of which users can do their work with ease and enjoyment. Earlier, AOL used to provide services like email, search engine, desktop gold, AOL news, to its users, but now AOL also provides its users with great services like games, with the help of which users can enjoy their free time and enjoy games happily. Apart from games, AOL offers some great features like Keyboard shortcuts in AOL Mail, Add Emotions to Your Email with AOL Mail Smileys, Add background theme in AOL Mail. If you want to know about the features of AOL email correctly then read the information given below.

Some of the rewarding and useful feature of AOL mail you must know

AIM Feature: AIM (AOL Instant Messaging) is an immediate and desktop presence program that lets you be in touch with your friends and family right through an immediate messaging service. Users can organize AIM messenger to send and receive fast messages directly on your AOL mail screen.

Event and Calendar: Calendar and event are incredible features that come with in-built your AOL mail. It also lets users make their event and calendar access so that users can create a plan and complete their collaboration within time.

To-Do feature: AOL offers many striking features to affix and keep in mind tasks which users need to carry out in the future. Here, users can easily access and deal to-do list directly on their mail screen.

These were some of the best features that AOL offers to all its users, but to use all these features, you have to create your account on AOL. Click here How to Create AOL Mail Account for more information on creating an account. But in today’s blog, we will talk about AOL games on how users can use AOL games, so if you are AOL users and want to enjoy AOL games then read the information given below.

How to Login or Join AOL Games

To use AOL games you will need your AOL account, so if you have not yet created an account on AOL, then create and follow the information given below.

1. First of all visit this website on Games on

Visit AOL Games website

2. Now you have to just, click on the login/join option above on the right side.

Join AOL Account

Note: If you have not created an AOL account, click on Create Account and sign up to create your AOL mail account and if you already have an account on AOL then sign in your account.

3. Now further this, sign in your AOL account.

Sign in AOL Account

Note: If you have forgotten your AOL mail account password or want to change it, click here how do I change my AOL Password

With the help of these steps, you will be signed into an AOL account.

Play AOL Games

When you sign in to the Games on, then you will get a lot of games in front of you, choose games from the category of your choice and enjoy it.

AOL Best Games

Chat with players

While enjoying the games in AOL, you can also chat with other players, the chat window will be on your right side, with the help of which you can easily chat with other players.

Give Feedback

If you find any kind of issue in a game, then you can report it, with the help of the steps mentioned below, you can easily do this process.

1. You have to simply “Click Play Game” on the game you want to report.

2. After that, in the top right corner, just “click the Info icon Image”.

3. Now, “Click REPORT ISSUE”.

4. Now, “enter your feedback” and email address.

5. And in last, just click “Post idea”.

Share games to Social Media

You can share any game on your social media account like Facebook, Twitter to know about it follow the information given below.

1. First, “Click Play Game” on the game you want to share.

2. Now, on the top right corner of the game page, you have to simply “click the Facebook or Twitter icon”.

3. Now, if prompted, sign in and “follow the sharing instructions”.

Conclusion: – AOL has started AOL games to fill its users’ free time with joy and happiness, with the help of which users can get more benefit from their AOL account and AOL games.

Summary of Games on

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